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Favourite Photos: Birth – 6 Weeks

I’ve been into photography for quite a long time now, but I have to admit that it never gave me the satisfaction that taking photos of Murdo has. One thing I don’t like is posed images of babies, I think photos of babies should be very situational — they do so many more interesting things than sleeping quietly!

The first few images ever taken of Murdo are special to me, they remind me of the first time I ever saw him, and although I’ll never need images to remind me of those first few hours with him, they’re images I’ll savour forever.

Then there are the photos from his first days at home, another particularly precious time for Kirsty and I after being stuck in Raigmore with him, dying to get him all to ourselves.

The photos of Murdo meeting the family for the first time are nice… unfortunately the only person I don’t have a photo of is Murdo with my brother, but I’ll get one soon!

I really like photos of him at any time he’s happy and content, after all that he’s been through in a relatively short space of time, these always seem great!

However, there’s one photo, taken by Kirsty yesterday that just makes me so happy that I can’t even describe it…

Is this Murdo’s first real smile? We think so :D

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    1. Haha, it makes me happy, too. I have it as the desktop wallpaper on my phone :) There’s a subscribe thing in the menu panel (button top right).

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