Happy bathing!

11 Weeks

The weeks are really flying in with the little guy, and as usual, everything seems to be changing. For example, we get more and more smiles and much more interaction with things around him. He’s started to take notice of the dangling toys on his bouncy seat, and you can tell he’s really starting to scrutinise his surrounds, beyond simply looking at the brightest light in the room.

Now that we have the water temperature issue sorted out, Murdo seems to enjoy his time in the TummyTub, only making a noise when he comes out.

We’ve now had him out twice in the Caithness countryside for walks, the first time to Loch More and then to Dunbeath Strath yesterday. He is bigger now, so fits into his baby carrier quite well. This will get better when he’s able to support his own head, because at the current time he’s not really able to look around him when he’s in it, which probably contributes to him falling asleep instantly when I start walking :) Either way, it lets us get some time outside, and Murdo gets some fresh air.

Here are some photos from the past week,as you can see, Murdo is a happy little baby, and as always we’re very happy to be around him, too!