Murdo, head lifting superstar!

8 Weeks

8 Weeks already! It actually seems like it has been a bit longer, but maybe that’s because quite a lot has happened with Murdo since the 13th of July!

Head Lifting

If I had to pick something that Murdo does that’s exceedingly cute, it would have to be his attempts at lifting his head up. He’s getting better at it all the time. The amount of effort required is lessening, but it still looks like a mighty task for him!

See what I mean? That’s cute!


Sleeping is a mixed bag really. These past few days he seems to have caught a bit of a cold, nothing serious, but it’s enough for us to have given him a few doses of Calpol and we also bought a fancy thermometer to keep an eye on his temperature. A normal temperature for children is around 36.4C (97.5F) but this does fluctuate a little depending on the child. A fever is usually a temperature in excess of 37.5C (99.5F), and he’s been nowhere near that, thankfully.

As you can see in the images above, he’s still managing to get some zeds in, sometimes it’s more difficult to get him there than others, and we’ve tried a number of “toys” to get him there. The most recent thing we bought was a Le Petit Prince Night Light. It’s essentially a light that projects star patterns of various colours onto the wall and roof — I love it, and sometimes Murdo does look at it, but it has yet to grab his attention enough to help him sleep. It will work at some point, because Murdo loves looking at anything throwing off some light.

So far lying on top of Kirsty is the most effective strategy for getting Murdo to sleep, but it doesn’t help her get much sleep.


The newborn clothes has now been outgrown and Murdo is starting to fit into the 1 month+ clothes. I don’t know if anyone else notices this, but the one size of clothes that family and friends don’t buy as gifts is the 1 – 3 month clothes range, so we’ve had to stock up a bit on that — shock/horror! :D We’ve discovered that M&Co offer a really nice range of baby clothing, at really good prices, too. It’s a shop I haven’t been in for years (don’t know why exactly), but I’ve been really impressed! We managed to get a few nice pairs of trousers, and a lovely warm jacket (the jacket cost only £9 in the M&Co sale, but I forgot to take a photo in time for this post!)

He is now able to fit into a load of the things people knitted for him, so that’s great, too! Sometimes he doesn’t need a lot of clothes at all…


I can’t get enough of these photos — I am biased though.

As always, spending time with my little family is a real pleasure, and the weekends seem to be passing at a furious rate, and the evenings after work just seem to fly in :(