“Are they refugees or economic migrants?”

Who Cares! — Many of them are just children who don’t have a choice either way!

I know this isn’t about Murdo, but if he had been born in another country it could have been, so I’m sorry, but I don’t care how the western media chooses to categorise and tag these people, in my mind they are simply victims of a conflict, who want a better life.

Even if they were simply “economic migrants”, who the hell would blame them for wanting to get themselves and their families away from these war-torn hell-holes to affluent and stable wester countries? I wouldn’t, and I don’t.

I’ve heard people say that the image of Alan Kurdi‘s (originally reported to be “Aylan”) little body lying on a beach in Turkey is being used by the left as propaganda, seriously?! Who cares! What it really is is an image of a little boy lying drowned on a beach because of a conflict in his home country, causing his family to flee for a better life. How can an image of a dead toddler cause such a division?

It is what it is — a tragedy!