Cracking Joints

One of the things I’ve noticed when handling Murdo is the cracking in his hip and shoulder joints. It’s quite an unsettling feeling and sound! I’ve been somewhat comforted by the fact that Murdo is quite well equipped with a good pair of lungs to tell us when something isn’t pleasing him — having his nappy changed and bathing for example!

However, after doing a bit of research online, I’m relieved to tell you that this is quite common in babies, and in most cases isn’t indicative of anything more sinister!

The sounds that you hear when your daughter ‘cracks’ her bones are not actually due to any problem with her bones. They are caused by the normal movements of tendons or ligaments over joints which in some people make a pinging, snapping or crunching sound as they do so. It can sound quite alarming as though the bones themselves are making a noise.

When babies are going through phases of rapid growth, the position of the ligaments relative to the joints alters slightly, and can cause all sorts of weird sounds when they move, so it’s normally not due to any problem with their bones and joints at all, phew! The general advice is to ensure you don’t put your baby’s joints under unnatural stresses until they have finished growing, otherwise you could cause them problems later in life (arthritis for example).

A word of warning though, it’s worth mentioning these things with your health visitor or doctor. Some babies do develop more serious hip problems like developmental dysplasia of the hip.

We’re going to ask about it!