Smiles & Gummy Grins

Murdo has been treating us to the gummy grins more often these days, outside of the falling asleep ones he’s being doing for a long time. It’s hard to tell whether it’s the sight of our faces or something else making him happy, it definitely appears to be when he’s looking at us though. Sometimes it’s not even quite a smile, he just looks happy!

Murdo is a morning person, he definitely seems to be a cheerier little fellow when Kirsty gets up in the morning, and I see the same thing at the weekends. Unfortunately work normally gets in the way of me seeing him looking happy in the morning for five days of the week, but last night he started smiling at me because I was making puffed up faces at him, it went on for quite a while, until he got bored — and my face hurt.

I know there are loads of reasons babies smile, but it always seems like a big deal when he does, so much so that it makes me feel like doing a combination of laughing out loud and crying.