13 Weeks

Week 13 went without any dramas, and by “dramas” I mean visits to doctors, hospitals or any other health professional.

The only slightly inconvenient thing this week is Murdo’s fussiness when it comes to feeding. It’s not all that bad though, because he’s actually spending his time looking up at Kirsty and smiling at her rather than feeding… and as Kirsty said to me, it’s a good job he’s cute, because the knock–on effect of this is that the individual feeding times are reduced, so he’s disturbing Kirsty to feed more regularly than he may normally.

Head lifting progress

Blossom Farm Tummy Time Roller
Blossom Farm Tummy Time Roller

Head lifting has really come along over the past two weeks as well. Murdo now likes being carried with his head mostly unsupported while having a good look around him. He also enjoys when you put your hand under his chest and make him look like Superman flying through the air.

We ordered a new toy to help us to remember to encourage head lifting, but also to make it more fun for Murdo, too — it looks like an awful effort at times. The toy is called a “Blossom Farm Tummy Time Roller” and can be bought from Early Learning Centre for around £15 + P&P. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ll write about it once we’ve had a shot!

Thinking about the colder weather

Grobag Baby Sleep Bag

Living in the far north of Scotland means autumn can often the shortest season of the year (some may say the same about summer), transitioning from decent back-end weather to wet, cold and miserable rather quickly some years.

We’ve been lucky and have been gifted some lovely items like warm winter jackets, a Mayoral pram liner and loads of lovely hats. We’re pretty much set on that front.

Now we’re considering sleeping temperature during autumn and winter. We’re big fans of Grobag Baby Sleep Bags, and have invested in some 2.5 tog versions and a couple of the Gro Company’s Grosuits.

GroSuit with quilted sleeves
Grosuit with quilted sleeves

The Grosuits are pretty cool. They have quilted sleeves for cosy arms, because the baby’s arms are outside the bag, and the body areas of the suits, inside the Grobag, are single-layered so your baby won’t cook!

We’ve also bought him those insulted all-in-one suits for going out walking in his carrier. Tesco sell good ones for about £15. They’re  double-zipped and very easy to get a baby into — we tried :)

I’m looking forward to some walks on crisp mornings in the winter — it may be dark and long, but it’s not going to be boring! :)

Some photos of Murdo at 13 weeks

This set of images contains the first photos we’ve managed to get of all three of us — I love the one at the top of this page and the one below with him in his stripey tights and yellow jacket :D