Murdo playing with his toys

16 – 17 Weeks

It’s been quite a significant couple of weeks in terms of development, and it seems that changes in babies seem to mostly occur immediately at times, rather than gradually. The most noticeable changes are:

  • His size – his legs seem to be straightening out.
  • His ability to babble lots to us – quite often in what seems to be reply to our voice when speaking to him.
  • His need to touch and explore things with his hands, and his interest in textured books. His eye/hand coordination has fairly come on!
  • His ability to (almost) roll over from his front onto his back.
Murdo having a look and feel of his little book
Murdo having a look and feel of his little book

To people who don’t have babies, these things may not seem like much, but when you’ve known a baby since birth, these things are huge! I find it a real treat to be able to witness the early stages of human development first hand, and find it quite overwhelming when taking stock the amount of things we forget that we’ve all had to learn, about both ourselves and the world around us.

Playing with Murdo on the floor is great fun, he loves to have a good wriggle around, and we’ve been gently persuading him to roll over more and more — the look of triumph on his face when he manages it is fantastic, but he tires of it quite quickly, particularly if his attempts are less successful. I’m never sure if his bulky bamboo nappies hamper him a bit, but we’re going to try the same things during some nappy-free time (with the appropriate counter-measures in place.)

Eczema in babies — Murdo has it!

A little bit of eczema on his belly
A little bit of eczema on his belly

Unfortunately Murdo has developed a touch of eczema over the past week. Initially we noticed him scratching his belly, and on closer inspection found that it was a bit red a raw. This has since spread up to his neck and left cheek.

The word from BabyCentre UK on baby eczema is encouraging though:

Eczema is a dry, itchy skin condition that affects up to one in five children. It usually appears for the first time before your child is two years old. The good news is that most children who have eczema will grow out of the condition by the time they are in their teens. Eczema can’t be cured, but it can be controlled with the right treatments.

We’ve been treating it with Oilatum Junior Bath Additive and Oilatum Junior Cream for Eczema — they both seem to be doing the job quite well. Hopefully it clears up soon, because it looks really uncomfortable, particularly around his neck, a part of him that’s constantly moving and rubbing.

Apparently Christmas is coming?

I know it’s still early, but now that advertising companies have placed Christmas firmly on the horizon, I’ve found myself really looking forward to the extended period of time with Kirsty and Murdo. Kirsty works in the retail industry, and since I’ve known her she’s always had to work over the holidays while I’ve been on holiday — this year we get to spend Christmas together, but more importantly — it will be our first Christmas with the little guy :D

Some photos of Murdo

Enjoy :)

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  1. All that attention is going to make Murdo a mighty smart little guy. I love the photos as always — becoming part of my stress-reduction program. How can you help but smile?! :-)

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